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The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Detention and Judicial Services Bureau manages the Lexington County Detention Center, which serves the secure detention needs of the law enforcement community as well as the public safety needs of citizens in Lexington County. Correctional officers at the Detention Center provide humane and safe confinement of inmates who have been convicted and sentenced and inmates who are awaiting trial. The detention facility is located at the Lexington County Law Enforcement Complex at 521 Gibson Road, Lexington. On average, the Detention Center houses more than 700 inmates.

The oldest part of the Detention Center (maximum security) is designed to house 102 inmates and was built in 1975. In 1991, an annex (medium security) that is designed to house 168 inmates was constructed. In 1999, a new maximum and medium-security facility was added to house an additional 412 inmates. The Detention Center houses adult male and female inmates for municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Lexington County contracts with the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice to house inmates who are juveniles.

About 121 correctional officers, administrative and supervisory personnel are assigned to work at the Detention Center. The Sheriff’s Department employs at least five internationally certified corrections professionals. The professional principles of the American Jail Association, American Correctional Association and National Commission for Correctional Health Care guide the management and operation of the detention facility. This responsible management, combined with continual training of staff, help maintain control of operations in the most cost-effective manner.

The Detention Center offers several counseling programs for inmates who are addicted to alcohol and drugs in order to provide them with an opportunity to make changes in their personal lives that will reduce the likelihood that they will be arrested and jailed again for committing additional crimes after they are released from the detention facility.

In 2012, a total of 231 inmates successfully completed alcohol and drug abuse counseling programs, job skills programs and personal growth programs while they were housed at the detention facility. In 2012, 83 percent of the 184 inmates who were released from the detention facility after completing an alcohol and drug abuse counseling program, job skills program or personal growth program successfully returned to the community and were not arrested and jailed again for committing additional crimes.

The Detention Center also houses sentenced state and local inmate workers who provide labor at the detention facility as well as other Lexington County government offices and buildings. Inmate workers also are utilized to pick up litter along public roadways across Lexington County.


An Internationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency 521 Gibson Road Lexington, SC 29072 (803) 785-8230