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The Crime Prevention Unit of the Lexington County Sheriff's Department aims to help citizens and business owners prevent or reduce the probability that crime will occur by taking away one or more of the elements (opportunity, ability, desire) that make up law enforcement's "Crime Triangle". Our crime prevention goals reflect the premise that "Education is Key" and "Knowledge is Power".

To help lower crime in our communities, our Crime Prevention Unit personnel take a proactive approach by teaching Lexington County citizens and business owners how to deter and prevent crime BEFORE it happens. This is accomplished through a variety of programs offered through the Sheriff's Department's Crime Prevention Unit, some of which include:

Lexington County "My 9-1-1" Program
This program allows residents and business owners to share critical information with Lexington County public safety personnel to aid them in responding to emergency situations. For example, by enrolling in this program, you can inform Lexington County Emergency Medical or Fire Service personnel of a specific illness, mobility, or communication problem suffered by you or a member of your household before an emergency occurs. Also through this program, you can let the Sheriff's Department know how to contact you if a deputy were to find your business or residence unlocked at night.

The Lexington County "My 9-1-1" Program allows you to HELP US, HELP YOU! This program is voluntary, and the information you provide is confidential. It will only be used by Lexington County public safety personnel to protect you and your property.

All participants in the Vial of Life must be registered in the My 9-1-1 program. To enroll online in the Lexington County "My 9-1-1" Program, click here .

Neighborhood Watch
Representatives from the Sheriff's Department's Crime Prevention Unit are available to present to any interested subdivision or community a presentation on "How to Organize a Watch". Usually, participation from at least half of the residents of a neighborhood is needed for a Crime Watch program to organize and start having a positive impact on lowering crime. Neighborhood Watch signs will be furnished one year after the first organizational meeting for the neighborhood, provided the neighborhood has developed an organizational plan and has conducted three additional quarterly meetings.

Phone Guard
This program is designed for elderly, handicapped, or severely ill citizens who live alone or who are usually left alone during the day. Those who participate in this program are instructed to make telephone contact with the Sheriff's Department on a daily basis. If contact is not made by the program participant by a designated time, a deputy is dispatched to the citizen's home to investigate.

Project I.D.
This is a nationally recognized program where an individual's valuables can be permanently marked with an assigned I.D. number designating the name and address of the owner so that lost or stolen property can be returned when recovered.

Project P.C. (Property Check)
Through this program, citizens can notify the Sheriff's Department when they will be away from home or out-of-town for an extended period of time (i.e. Weekend away, vacation, etc.). While the homeowner or business owner is away, deputies will come by to perform a periodic security check of the property to help keep things safe and secure.

Vial of Life
This program is designed for individuals with serious medical problems or allergies to have a means of sharing medical information with Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel. Participants in this program are given a plastic vial to store their own personal medical and medication information in. The vial is then placed in the refrigerator where EMS personnel are trained to look upon arrival when responding to a medical emergency.

Children's Programs
Our trained Crime Prevention personnel are available to present programs designed for children of all ages. Available program topics include: Child Abuse, Respect and Manners, Babysitting, Bicycle/Traffic Safety, Latchkey Kids, Gun Safety, Say No To Drugs/Violence, and Personal Safety.

Citizen Awareness Programs
Sheriff's Department Crime Prevention Personnel are available to visit and meet with your neighborhood group, civic club, fraternal order, church, or workplace group to present information on a variety of topics, to include: Home Security, Crime Prevention, Substance Abuse, Shoplifting, Armed Robbery, Traffic Safety, Business Security, Career Information, Workplace Violence, "Refuse to Be a Victim", Personal Safety/Self-Defense, Identity Theft, and Con Games & Scams.

For more information on these programs available through the Lexington County Sheriff's Department, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (803) 785-8230.


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