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Pre-Employment Process Job Openings and Requirements Benefits Application Process Download Application

Starting Salaries
Correctional Officer:  $34,642
Patrol Deputy:  $36,501

The Sheriff can increase the above starting salaries for those individuals with higher qualifications (certified officers, college degree, prior work experience, etc.)

Work Schedules
Employees (Patrol Deputies, Correctional Officers) work the following schedules:

6am-6pm or 6pm-6am
2 days on, 2 days off; 3 days on, 2 days off; 2 days on, 3 days off; (this cycle then repeats).
Correctional Officers work a permanent shift (days or nights). Patrol Deputies rotate between dayshift and nightshift every 28 days.

Annual Leave
Annual leave is accrued at the rate of 10 days per year for employees with less than five years of service with the county; 15 days for 5-10 years of service; and 20 days for 10 or more years of service.

Sick Leave
Sick leave is accrued at 12 days per year.

Health and Dental Insurance
The Sheriff's Department provides medical and dental insurance for its employees through a county-funded Employee Health Care Plan. Basic coverage is provided at a minimal cost to the employee. Employees who wish to cover members of their family may do so through payroll deductions. The following semi-monthly rates apply:

Employee Only:  $73.50
Employee and Children:  $168.50
Employee and Spouse:  $221.50
Employee and Family:  $316.00

Life Insurance
The Sheriff's Department provides life insurance for its employees. Basic coverage is provided at no cost to the employee. Additional coverage on the employee or his or her dependents is available and can be paid for through payroll deduction.

Types of Retirement Systems
All full time employees of the county participate in the South Carolina Retirement System or the South Carolina Police Officer's Retirement System.

Workers' Compensation
The Sheriff's Department operates under and is subject to the Workers' Compensation Act of South Carolina.

Employees who are eligible for overtime are paid overtime at the rate of one and one-half (1½) times his or her regular rate of pay for time worked. Overtime will be calculated at any hours worked over eighty-six (86) in a two week pay period for non-exempt, sworn personnel and any hours worked over eighty (80) in a two week pay period for non-exempt, non-sworn personnel.

Credit Union
Employees are eligible for membership in an employee credit union. Membership enables employees to deposit savings or handle loan payments through payroll deduction. There are other programs available through the credit union.

Direct Deposit
Employees are paid by a bi-weekly direct payroll deposit system. Checks can be deposited to any financial institution covered by the Federal Reserve. Employees will receive a pay statement indicating gross pay, net pay, and deductions.

U.S. Savings Bonds
All employees may elect to purchase U. S. Savings Bonds through payroll deductions. Information on Savings Bonds is available through the county Human Resources Department.

Deferred Compensation
Employees are eligible to participate in the South Carolina Public Employees Deferred Compensation Plan, 401K or 457K. The amount deposited is determined by the employee and participation is optional. This is a tax-deferred savings program and is handled automatically by payroll deduction.

Montgomery GI Bill
Veterans may qualify to use their GI Bill education benefits while working and receiving on-the-job training at the Sheriff's Department.

At the discretion of the Sheriff, certain employees are authorized to have department vehicles on a twenty-four-hour, seven day-a-week basis. Patrol Deputies must reside within Lexington County in order to be allowed to drive their assigned patrol vehicle home.

Department personnel receive that equipment (uniforms, firearms, etc.) that is necessary for the position for which they are hired.

For more information about employment opportunities with the Lexington County Sheriff's Department, contact our Human Resources Division office at (803) 785-2407.

The Lexington County Sheriff's Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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